How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

Ultrasonic Cleaning uses sound waves that are introduced into the cleaning systems through electronic transducers which are mounted to the cleaning tank.

  • These sound waves travel through the tank and create waves of compression and decompression in the liquid. This dramatic expansion and contraction creates microscopic bubbles.
  • As the pressure around the bubbles becomes great, the fluid around the bubble rushes in collapsing the bubble very rapidly. When this happens, a jet of liquid is created that can travel as fast as 650 mph.
  • As the gasses inside the bubble are compressed at a very high rate, the rise in temperature to as high as 5,000 degrees Celcius. The liquid immediately surrounding the bubble is also raised to approximately 2,000 degrees Celcius.
  • This extreme temperature, along with the liquid jet velocity, provides a very intense cleaning action in a very minute area.
  • Because of the short duration of the bubble expansion and collapse cycle, the liquid surrounding the bubble quickly absorbs the heat and the area cools very quickly. As a result, the tank and liquid becomes only warm and does not heat up due to the introduction of parts during the cleaning process.
  • The Result!

    The air bubbles provide a safe and gentle cleaning process for your blinds, avoiding the damage that can come from manually scrubbing or blasting away at your blinds.